Friday, August 27, 2010

Work or Masters?

Hello babies of the world!
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Well lets just go straight to the topic shall we..

A few months ago. i had this HUGE dillemma regarding my future. I mean the things that i want to do after getting my degree.

I've been thinking (or better to say CHOOSING) of either to persue my studies to masters level or to seek for a job. I bet many of my babies out there can relate to this post.

In the process of my desicion making, I casually ask around for opinions- my parents, family, friends, hotties, babes, darlings, sweethearts, guy at Mcd counter, a girl who kisses too many cats, and an old guy who sleeps during terawikh... :)

They have a lot to say actually, and here are some views that i hope to inspire you in your decision making. Or at least make that little pink brain of yours work a bit. Read it!


My mum's bestfriend, who's a lecturer told me that if i really want to persue my studies to Masters level, i gotta know what field that i'm good at.

By knowing your forte, it will help you in your masters research, its important to have passion in your topic. Research in Masters level is a LOT of work and its a serious shit. no goreng2 ok. So if you are not sure about your research topic, or worst, not feeling it, then you may face some problems during your masters.

She adviced me to have a job first, as to gain experiences. Through that experiences, you will then discover your forte.

For example, I'm now doing professional communication and minor in business studies. I might find communication and business interesting only because that i'm exposed to only those areas. If i straight away persue my masters, i might be doing something on business and communication. BUT if i go for a job first, i might find Visual design more interesting and wish to persue in that area. Who knows, i will perform my ass out in that field.

Moral: Explore and expose yourself to various fields during work!


Lets make it simple. My brother and I are two different people with different interests. I'm more to making contacts, doing presentation, talks, persuasive speeches, etc. While my brother loves science projects and chemical stuffs. He talks about science like a girl talks about shopping. (love you brother!).

My point is, my lane is more towards HR, dealing with people, something that theories cant offer much. My lane needs experiences, practical training and pretty much street smart. If dealing with humans is what i wish to do for life, then taking a job after degree is no harm. I will survive without textbooks.

But in my brother's case, he needs theories, he needs references, textbooks, and professors. He cant gained biotech theories by sitting around in the coffee shops, can he?Unlike me, i can still gain experiences and upgrade my skills in communication tru my borak2 kosong at kedai kopi.

If you wish to persue in education lane, you should proceed with masters. the more title you have, the more people will demand for your service. Like Dr., Prof, Ass Prof, etc.

I hope these will help you in making decision.
I have made mine, now its your turn. Choose wisely and always THINK AHEAD!


Antonella said...

i suggest u go for work first babe! it's all about moneyy $$$$!!

the unknown said...

work babe.. then do ur master part time. this way, u get the best of both worlds.

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