Thursday, August 19, 2010

What your eating habits can do to your Feet?

Hey there. Salam Ramadhan to everyone.
I know i've been AWAY for quite some time now but just this morning as i was sitting on the sofa (after washing my kittens' cage) ideas just strucked me and i jumped out and start writing.

I wish to share this experience of mine on weight and shoes and how they are related to each other.

Have u ever go for shopping and suddenly realize that u cant fit in your usual shoe size?
Or have you ever wonder why your shoes look rotten so quickly even if its Adidas or Bonia?
Guess why...
well let me just blew it off for you. Its the W word... WEIGHT!
I feel like I'm the right person to talk about weight. It's obviously because I HAVE WEIGHT. or also known as NOT SKINNY, CURVY, CHUBBY, what ever u want to call it. I prefer not to say the F word (F_T) because its...... demotivating. :)
So Lets go to the topic.
As simple as this. When you gain weight, it puts pressure on your feet and your feet sort of expands as to support your body.
when it is expanded, it becomes bigger (duhh expand-bigger..pfft)
So when this happens, your shoe size also expands (duhh again)
When you are F_tter and heavier and have bigger feet, please pick the appropriate shoe size and dont ever squeeze in your old size (especially for heels).
If you do,
1. it will destroy your shoes (earlier)
2. Hurt your poor feet
3. Disturbs your work as u cant walk or stand properly
4. Get tired really quickly
5. spine injury because of the muscle pressure (worst case)
Well there are other issues regarding shoe size, it would not be the weight if u are genetically blessed with large feet. But still, watch the weight ok.
The reason i post this now is bcause its Ramadhan, a perfect time to start a healthy diet. Eat more vegies and drink a lot of water.
(Total euwth..I'm still struggling. hehe)
See you la'er peeps!


Syafiq said...

ive lost five kg for the past month.woot.

aiMo0o said...

no way!!
*jelez face*

i'm literally struggling.. :(

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