Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Nikon Moments

Subject: a buruk looking burung
location: SSF
this birdies are really expensive. hold with care.

abah's latest Nur.
in Ulu Yam. a very nice place.

Location: Nur Laman Bestari, Ulu Yam

Location: Nur Laman Bestari

Subject: Ear phone
Location: On a wooden table

Subject: A young malay lady in sarong
Location: I captured this from a friend's book entitle "Batik"
love it

Subject: Oxygenizer and Mr Ericsson
Location: on a tikar at Fraser's hill.
these are my latest addiction.

Subject: Lychee and its Lover
Location: Boom2 in Ampang
sangat besar gelas ni and sangat banyak laici dia!!!!

Subject: My Munkies of LGB2B
Location: where else, madam doreen's class lerr...hik3
miss u munkies so very much!!


Igniz said...

gambar earphones tu sgt menarik SUDUT perspektifnya...:)
gambar air laici tu sgt sedap jika diSEDUT airnya....:P

a PeRsoN wHo FinDing ThE MeaNinG oF LiFe said...

rndu kamoooooooooooo~
perfect pix..
ley jd photographer 4 k.era's wedding
huhu.... ;p

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