Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disturbing Video of Child Abuse

this is one of the most disturbing video i've seen..

it's violent and i cant imagine a person could do such thing to a child..
i'm not really a fan of kids, i mean, not just yet, but still, this video made my heart fired up!!

and how i wish i could squeeze the person's head and let his/her brain flop out!! itu pun kalau dia ada otak la.. from what i know, a person with a brain wont do such thing.


that helpless child.. i feel so sad..

no wonder nowadays, we face an alarming rate of moral problems among youngsters..

it all starts from home.. lack of love, care and attention..

lets pray that we'll make a better parents for our child........hmm...


Igniz said...

can i like, do exactly the same things to that bastard??! i would like him to know how it feels...cesss!!!!

aiMo0o said...

it hurts me for not being able to do anything to help that poor child.. hmmm... sakit hati!!!!

nObby said...

another reason
to be a lawyer
get this person rot in jail!!!

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