Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another un-Witty Post

hello semut..
frankly i dunno what to write but i feel like writing..hehe

now, i'm waiting for my brother to come back from his driving lessons,
going to visit a teacher in hospital afterwards..
he got a stroke and a few other illness..
he was my English teacher in Sekolah Kebangsaan Hulu Kelang..
he's my favourite teacher and i'm his favourite student..hehe
he's very close to my family.

he too was the one who recommended my name to my first job in Islamic International School in gombak, i tought Thailand students how to read English materials.
and i was their full time guardian during field trips..
there were about 200 Thai students under my care..
worse, they cant hardly speak in English nor malay..fiuhh...
their age range were from 12 to 45 years old..
i enjoyed working there, really!
i was the youngest teacher (18 years old) among other experienced lecturers and facilitators.
but they treat me equally, my ideas were never neglected, i felt appreciated..

like i said before, i'm a workholic, especially towards the things i enjoy doing..
for the whole one month, i was on call for 7 days a week..
many of family events, i missed..
many of movies in TGV and GSC, i missed..
many of friends reunion, i missed..

i was dedicated to my work. married to it.
when the payday comes, i smiled wide.. its a lot!
i mean for my first teaching experience, i got paid RM50 per hour..
my payment beats the other 4 leacturers'..
my boss said-
"u've work like shit and u deserve every penny, we are very happy to have u in our team"
dang it.. those words redeem the shitiness i have to go through for that whole month..

and they still offer me jobs, but i have to put my studies first.
i can see those ringgit flew off the window..haihhh.. there goes my shoes n bags...hehe..

back to my teacher, Sir Azizi is his name, i hope he get well so0n..
He's a strong men and has done noble things to many people..
i pray for only the best things for him..

senarai pesakit hari ini,
Abah demam,
Umi dah start batuk,
I tempang (tersepak tangga batu..gile sakit)
Him, selsema.

tomorrow i'm going to shah alam, to do clearance and...some other stuffs.. hehe

So ok lah, i better go get ready, aidil's coming home already,
and plus, my brain cant produce anything nice to write about..
until next time, bubbye dearest readers...



Igniz said...

mula2 and last2 je cite pasal cikgu tu...
yg tengah and panjang melebar sumanya pasal diri sendiri dan keseronokan mendapat duit..cettt!nanti blanja me makan SUBWAY, ok?XD

Igniz said...

one more thing...
cik aimooo xbc entry 'long distance relationship' kat page sy ye? cepat baca! coz u will not learn anything from that!hakhakhak!sy lah pembuli antarabangsa...XD

noidentity said...

tu lah...byk cite pasal diri sniri je ni..ahahahha..

clearance. sume dlm bilik tu yours. except perabot kolej. hangar2 tu sume urs.

CooZy said...

Aimi nak bwat clearence! haha.

aiMo0o said...

tgk la tajuk die, dah name pown un-witty..hak3..
sir igniz- blanje mkn??? tetiba je ATM rosak..lalalalala

fateng- Tq susun kan my stuff, tadik i dpt jmpa kak tikah..woohoo!! dan kak tikah dapat jumpa aidil..hik3

coozy- amboi2, sindir i la tuh.. wek!

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