Thursday, May 14, 2009

Irreplacable Darling

We went to enjoy krispykreame the other day, oh my its delicious!!!
totemo oishii desu!!
and what more can i say about meeting my GF.. love her to death..
we spent one whole day together along with kak long..
gosh i miss her already...haihh..
no one can love me like she does and trust me i can never find another FEE KUPAI..ever!

I remember the day when i told her that i was moving back to UiTM after a month in UPM..
i can still remember the look on her face, i have never seen her in such an emotional state..
she held my hand so tite hoping that i would change my mind..

at that time, i swear that the choice is not between UiTM and UPM,
it was between UiTM and her..

it was a very very difficult moment..
in the end, i choose both- UiTM and her..
i made a promise that no matter what happens,
she will always be my number one GF and i promise her that even if i'm not physically there with her, she will never feel my abscence bcoz i'll constantly call and text her..

at first she doubt it, but i keep my promise..
we are even closer than before since we cant see each other every day..
whenever we meet, i can say that it's damn precious!
it's like a tornado... all kinds of stories are updated, and we are like so attached..
we hold hands while jalan2... yeah, some people stare, but what the hell,
we dont get to see each other often aite? so we go all out every time we date.. hehehe

seeing others in difficulties of maintaining friendship, i thank God that we are doing fine..
really fine...

one thing i adore about hanging out with this munchkin is that,
WE ARE BOTH 5'7...without heels....hehehehe

mish u kupai!


Igniz said...

ummm..............should i say anything, here?XD

CooZy said...

It has been quoted by our very own Mr. Alfred, "absence makes the grow fonder,".

Live by it with a strong foundation between the people you love and that happiness will never go away. (:

aiMo0o said...

Sir Igniz- hehehehehehehehehe....ssshhhhh!! no need to say anything, keep it to ur tots..hik3

Coozy- wawah... coozy has grown into someone more charming and romantic.. damn, u r with Lina..huk3!!

~feefEE~ said...

dalam byk2 blog..i plg suke yg ini!
ahaha :)
mish u too munchet!!!

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