Friday, May 8, 2009

Private is Intimate


For these past few months, i am blessed to know some one that teaches me a lot of things..
and one of the things that this person taught me is to keep things private..
especially the things that is close to our hearts..

i am a very LOUD person, you can obviously notice that..

but in weird combination, ( you can call it RARE BREED),
i am also a very2 sensitive and private person..
i do not share things that i think should remain in locked diaries..

in my opinion, what ever we share between close and special friends should not be printed in big banners and hoping the world to notice how we feel at the moment..

it's about keeping it special. intimate. just between two hearts.

isn't it great to have something really special that is only known by just the two of u?
some might prefer to pay creative pilots to make smoke-letters up in the sky and say

yes, it is romantic but do you really have to show everybody else your intentions and get praised for the sweet things you say which is actually intended to your sweetheart?

i dont find it amusing, seriously, it's a total show off..
personally, i love to keep things close to heart and it feels so good to do so..

But some times, in unfortunate events,
you might be a private person but you met with some one who is in the total opposite..
no matter how much you've tried to keep things low, but the other person is not cooperating..
haihh.. i understand that, been there, done that.. it's terrible!

luckily for me,
this person has mutual understanding of how relationship should work..
which is, keeping it private and intimate..
plus, we have a very very very long way to go before anything serious happens..
we'll never know what future holds for us, but of course, we pray for only the good things..

i learn that, by keeping things private, people around,
have more trust to pour and share their personal stories..
it is much easier for them to let it all out because they feel very close to u and the warmth that you gave triggers them to feel comfortable and much more open to share..

but again, this is from my eyes,
if you feel otherwise, its totally okay honey..
we are normal in our own interpretations.. ;D

I miss my fee so much...
not a soul could replace the love you have given to me through out this beautiful friendship we share... mish you kupai!!!! cepat la balik... bleh berfoya2.. hehehe..
xoXo lemons!!


Igniz said...

i agree..
just because you're having a streak of bad luck, doesn't mean you have to shout it out loud..
but sometimes we have to be aware..if you keep everything inside and do not share, one day you're gonna explode...

aiMo0o said...

yeah, u r rite.. that is the scariest thing, like my brother, he's someone who keeps things to himself but when time comes, everything just explode.. bahaya utk kesihatan, bleh kena darah tinggi...huhu

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