Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My QuiZ Result on "What Type Of Lover Are You?"

I'm the Hunter~ (LOL)

The hunter is a very charming and engaging individual ...
admired by many but close to very few.
For you, love is all about the excitement of the hunt.
You are in your element when pursuing others ...or when you are being pursued.
Gaming is your forte.
Testing, bating, disappointing are your tools of trade.
You have earned a reputation for being unreliable.
Because like a Beagle, when on the scent of a quarry you are oblivious to everything else around you.
You have a tendency to take flirting too far ...and then back-pedal as fast as you can.
Without realising it you play with people’s emotions, when all they really want is a straight answer.
You often can’t understand why people consider you to be manipulative and insensitive.
Yet your presence is so strong that they often forgive you.
Some friends have learnt to tolerate this side of you ..but others have written you off totally.
On the inside, the opposite is actually true.
You have a enormous heart which gives freely and you have a great capacity to love.
Internally you are questioning and unsure of yourself.
Afraid to take a gamble with your own heart.
Making decisions are difficult for you.
Many opportunities for love are presented to you.
But you are often faced with the dilemma ...
"Do I wait for the one I love … or go now with the one that loves me."
Your indecision leaves you without either.

This is soo freaky, it's totally true!
but I'm sure that i'm not playing with this one's heart..

xoX0 Elmo~

btw, good luck for both potential winning teams- Man Utd and Barca!
Get sweaty and kick balls dude!!!


Igniz said...

Man Utd da kalah...T.T...
Tammau ckp pape dah...huhuhuhu...

p/s: You're a hunter? then you must be that type of hunters who illegally hunt endangered 'species'...ish ish ish..(expect me to stay shut and stop 'bahaning' you? in your dreams..bahahahahahahahaha!XD) utd kalah...T.T...

aiMo0o said...

mesti lah nak yg endangered species,
if there are thousands of Ducks and there's only one Dodo, i would want to date that Dodo... because ducks are just too common...hehehe..
I'm an immature hunter, teach me master yoda!

My friend sampai moody one whole day bcoz Man Utd kalah... sabar la yea.. bwk brtenang...bzikir byk2..hik3

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