Monday, March 16, 2009

the lost of my beloved grandma~

It happen so fast that i cant actually recall how did the news got to me that day
i came back home with a jovial mood (as always)

i drove from puncak perdana to my home without even knowing i'm about to face a very emotional moment..ever!
near to bukit antarabangsa, my dad called,
"aimi, tlg fetch umi from office on your way back home"
there is a moment of silent for a while and then he continued
"never mind, u come stret home, i'll fetch ur mother myself"
none of the conversation really disturbed me, i didnt even put much thought on why suddenly my dad asked me to pick up my mum earlier than usual..
10 minutes later, i reached home.
the front door was open.

usually my brother would say hi to me at the door but he didn't dat day..
i stepped in, and i saw a load of clothes on the carpet with bags all around it..

what's happening? i tot to myself.
then i saw aidil sitting at the dinner table with his head down.

i asked "what are these bags for? why are we packing?"
he looked at me in a way that he never looked at me before.
his tears began to fall. he seemed to be in a great sadness..
"we got a call from melaka. kakak, baba kita dah meninggal"
i cant feel my feet anymore. i cant beliv my ears.
i met her last sunday, she was okay, she laughed, she held my hands, she squeeze them tite, she talked to me, we had conversations, we made jokes about people in the hospital
she was fine. she was okay.
and now she's gone?
i guess Allah wants to play fair by giving me the last opputurnity to see her smile for the last time.
i havent seen her so happy for a very very long time.
thank u Allah, that was the best last moments i ever had..

i do regret some moments where i dont put much attention to her. i shouldnt have done that. while i have the chance to talk to her, i shouldnt ignore her. i shouldnt have.
but baba,
i want u to know that
i love you so very much.
syg sgt2.
losing u is terribly painful.

no more anyam ketupat same2...hmm..

tak tau pun yg last year's raya is going to be our last.

to all my fellow readers,
cherish every moment with your beloved friends and family
bcoz u will never know if it will be the last.

1 comment:

kodelisation said...

sedeh nye!!!
rndu a kt die....
moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..

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