Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Technologies and Machines can Kill Humans

I'm murdered!
my phone and my broadband's barred
i cant make calls, i cant text, i cant surf the internet
what's worse?
abah is kind enuff to lend sum cash (a whole lot actually)
in order for me to pay the bills..
this week has been a lil challenge for me,
the other day, as i was rushing for my 8.30am class,
i drove 120km/h and was stuck for more than an hour in traffic jam, damn!
i reached puncak perdana sumwhere around 8.45am
and i wasnt thinking about anything else but my class.
so i left my car without knowing that i forgot to turn off the lights,
even worse, kembara has mini spotlights that uses a lot of battery energy..
at lunch hour, i went to my car,
which was named Jonet by my GF,
no specific reason why the name was given
but its sumhow suits him ( i assume that he is a he)
i press my auto key to get the door open so that i can take my laptop
which is at the back seat of the car, but Jonet wont make a sound..
i knock the key to my palms a few times but still, its frustrating..
then i went to see pakcik cafe yg sangat baik hati,
he came to the car and take a look at it..
he tried to knock the key as well, but no, Jonet was not responding..
so pakcik said, "pergi carik jumper, tanye sape2 yg ade"..
i dont know much about cars other than,
washing em,
speeding em,
and feeding em with gas..
so i went on searching for the JUMPER
(the word JUMPER reminds me of Hayden eyes!)
nana was with me at that time
Elmo was panicking as well, it is as if he was there with me at the time.
he called and texted me, he had a class at dat time so..he was a bit worried la..
he knows that i know nothing about engine n stuff..
we went in the library hoping that the abang librarian can help..
"assalamualaikum, abang, saya ade masalah sikit ni,
kreta saya dah koma, saya kena carik jumper utk hidupkan die balek,
abang ade jumper?"
at first he was blank, but after a few smiles and winks from me,
he said "ade, awak tunggu jap ye"
the winking is always helpful *wink!*
so that abang make a few calls and got me the jumper.
Encik Daniel,
a senior staff, helped me with the "Jumper-ing" process..
after a few struggle, Jonet roared!
gosh i mishh his engine sound
i cant imagine my life without him.
it would have been miserable if he is dead.
i'll be dead too.
How Technologies and Machines can Kill Humans.
health update:
today, i'm not feeling well, the whole class noticed my mood swing.
fatenG telah meletakkan tangan nye di dahi ku petang tadi to rase if i'm having a fever or what.
yup, i demam.. any how, hopefully i'll get better tomorrow..


Igniz said...

Pada bacaan saya, mesin itu (kereta itu) tidak sama sekali telah atau pun cuba membunuh cik aimi....
sebaliknya...cik aimi yang CHOBA untuk membunuhnya!! Bawak 120kmph, pastu lampu xpadam...tu pasal la si Jonet tu pun padam...hakhakhakXD!

aiMo0o said...

hahahaha! kejam2... kak dira, tgk abg ijan nih!!! aimi dah serik dah abg ijan, lepas ni nak jage Jonet leklok, x mo dera2 die dah.. ksian jonet..hik3

Igniz said...


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