Saturday, March 21, 2009


my heart n soul! kuuppaaii!! mish u....

i met a friend the other nite, n we talked about life..

from there
i learnt that, everything we do in life DOES effect others around us..

it doesnt matter if it is a small effect or big, but the point is, it gives an impact..

whatever we say, tak kire la tru casual chattings, text msgs, blogs or word of mouth,

it will give the other party sum kind of an impact..

it mite be an unpleasant one- yg tu yg kite kalu boleh nak elak

why we have to bother?

becoz, life is like a wheel, sumtimes we r up and sum time we are down.

when we are up, mungkin kite rase kite in control, kite bleh say wat we wanted to say, and let others feel very shallow or guilty upon the simplest mistakes they do..

we mite laugh at them, talk bad things behind their backs, or simply just stop talking to them n treat them like dirts..

but what we are supposed to be aware of is~ when we are at the bottom of the weel..

what will happen then? will we enjoy if other people do what we did to them before?

sum times we have to put ourselves second, think about others..

for example, before we say anything bad behind a friend, try to think, will i like it if other people do d same to me?

So, before we do any of those above, in which mite cost us to lose good friends,

try to count our blessings..

try to count the good things that ur friends have done for u,

cube igt the gud times u shared..

jgn ikut kan marah je, try tu cure ur heart with his or her good deeds in the past..

kalu kite ade terkecik hati ngan kwn tu,

cepat2 maaf kan, tak yah serabut2 kepala dek marah n sakit hati..

pastu ngumpat2 plak kat blakang, buat tambah dosa je...

tapi kalu dah x tahan sgt ngan perangai die, try to confront his or her sbb kadang2 kwn kite tu x prasan yg die buat salah... tegur cara elok, tolong die improve...

insyaalah semua akan selesai cara baik..

next, about romantic relationships..

my guy friend told me that Girls are being too demanding these days and that they are expecting too much out of their guys..

partly his rite.. tapi ade jgak guys yg act like gurls.. added with being~

too protective, too mengongkong, n easily hot tempered..

but anyway, to gurls out there,

try to count your blessings,

before getting into a fite, try to reflect the sweet memories together,

or try to remember all the nice things that ur guy has done for u..

his sacrifices~ like skipping an important football game
just because u sent a worrying
"i need u now" SMS...

try to understand ur guy.. try to give and take n be more considerate..

give him sum space..

dont ever ever ask ur guy to choose between two things that he loves..

"ok daniel, is it going to be me or ur Liverpool"- dat's a damaging question..
jgn buat camtu key, pity the guys, don;t blame them to be a fanatic fan of football games..
if he is a fanatic fan of GURLS lagi susah...hehe

yang si BF plak jgn la challenge the GF's temper, x baik taw..

korang pun kena count ur blessings..

if she calls u, crying, in d middle of Man United vs Liverpool game,

jgn la plak kate "weyh, jap gi i call balek, Man u tgh leading ni"

hampeh punye BF... kalu mase dulu dah janji nak jage that gurl, then jage la lelok...

if u feel like u r angry at her, try to relax, cuba pikir positive..

jgn trus tengking je..ok?

all of the above is based on tru life, try to think again if u mite hurt anyone's feelings lately and hurry get it done with...

our time is short, try get the best out of it...

dont waste it with unnecessary selfishness and self ego..

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