Saturday, April 2, 2011

11 Basic Steps to Host an Event

Hello there super handsome and gorgeous ladies!

I am done with my practical training, therefore I have more time to bond with my dearest blog (I hope). There are still tones of other things waiting for me at school though. Pleaseeee pray for me! My thesis......urgh.... just pray for me.

During my internship program, I have the opportunity to be involved in a number of events. One of the million things I learnt is How to Host Events. Well, I don't exactly stand on stage and MCied the event but I was behind the curtains, making sure the event goes as planned.

Being with Mypartners Communication Sdn Bhd, I was given the knowledge to conduct events. I am happy to announce that I am sharing it with you *wink!

Read, Learn, Apply- Good Luck!

1. PARTY TROOP- Find your best team that can work with you for the event. Make a check list on who is in charge of what. You cant do everything yourself can you? Afraid that you might oversee some details. Gather a Party Troop to help.

2. UNDERSTAND YOUR EVENT- is it for birthday bash? is it a launch party? is it dinner? casual or formal?

3. EVENT CONCEPT- After understanding the purpose of event, figure out the concept which is most suitable for the event. One thing to bear in mind, plan accordingly and make sure things that you planned are POSSIBLE to be executed. For example, "I want to have a jet that writes my name in the sky, and David Beckham to bring my birthday cake"- Seriously?? I know his dreamy, but keep it realistic, shall we. And gather ideas on the activities during your event.

4. VENUE & MENU- Clear enough, after knowing your event concept, deal with these two chipmunks and plan out right. Financial terms are important at this point.

5. TARGET AUDIENCE- Carefully select and invite people to your event. Make a list and ask friends to help you do that. Back at the office, we call it RSVP list.

6. INVITATION- Cards? Emails? Post Laju? Posters? Fax? Pigeons perhaps?? figure out the media for your invitations. And do not do it at the last minute. What's a party without guests rite? and also remember to include the details of event- Venue, date, time etc.

7. RSVP- List down the people who respond to your invitation. Mark on names on whether they are coming or not.

8. CHECK CHECK CHECK- Check list is DAMN important. Make sure things are in order at least a few days before the event.Check the venue, the menu, and if you happen to have activities along the way, make sure things or tools needed are at the right place. If you have an MC to host the event, Scripts must be ready waayy before the final day. Get prepared with backup plans!

9. EXECUTE PLAN- Now that you have everything in place, run the show!

10. BE ALERT & QUICK- No time for day dreaming. Everyone must be at a standby mode during the event. If anything goes wrong, quickly think and act.

11. POSTMORTEM- This is a post-event thing. It is best to look back on your performance so that things can be better next time around. Be open with the team and exchange ideas or thoughts on the event that you did and find ways of improvements. And dont forget to thank your team. Saying "well done, Good Job" is no harm. ;)

There you go! Congratulations, you are now capable of hosting an event.

Why are you still reading?? Go plan your party!


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