Monday, June 27, 2011

Problem with Saying NO

I have a huge problem with anyone that has a problem with saying NO.

What's the big deal?? Anyone can say NO.

The real problem is


If you don't feel like doing something or feel like something is not right then just speak your mind. Or else you'll regret for not saying it later on. We live in the world full of people and I am well aware that sometimes we can't always do things our away. And yes sometimes we 'have' to do the things that we don't like. Fine by me. but when it comes to MEN, girls seem to be dumb and say YES to them all the time. ALL the time.

"He's using you babe. Dah byk kali kan. Cakap je lah tak nak."

"Hmm.. Tak kan I nak cakap NO kot, kang apa pulak dia kata"

Pffttt..... Seriously! Then don't seek for your friends' advice if you cant pull yourself together and stand up for yourself. I hate how people are weak about things. I have my weak points too, that's the cause of being a normal human being. The only thing that we are left with is to overcome those weaknesses. Most importantly, don't let others take advantage of our weaknesses.

I'm not asking you to be selfish or anything worse than that, I'm asking you to love yourself a little bit more. Don't ever say its hard to say NO to the things that you are not agreeing with, it's all about your mentality. Draw some lines, being a YES man sucks. Trust me.

Stay considerate but at the same time have a little pride and say NO to the things that are against your will.

Peace out cookies!

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Anonymous said...

Just swallow it you dirty bitch :)

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