Thursday, February 10, 2011

Putting Pets to Permanent Sleep

These are my kittens Kopi and Mickey :)

Mickey died of bad flu and cough. We belief that she got it from her mother, Suki, who had a fever for one week straight. We went to the pet clinic a day before Mickey passed away and the vet told us that she's already weak.

"Do whatever you can to save her, please", I begged.
"There's not much we can do, she's very very weak", the vet replied.
"Can you feed her with the pills, and have a close watch on her for the next couple of days until she's fine again?"
"I would suggest you bring her home, we cant do much but only to provide the pills"

When the vet asked us to bring her back home, we already know in our hearts that we are going to lose Mickey. Referring to the topic, I would like to share with you some of the information i found on Euthanasia.

Euthanasia means the last resort of putting one to death as to end one's unbearable pain. Vets prefer to use the term "put animal to sleep". When an animal is having a serious illness like cancer or tumor and it is not curable, the vets will suggest to end the animal's pain by 'putting it to sleep'.

There are two types of Euthanasia:

Active Euthanasia:
Injecting a liquid to stop the heart of one, or to give overdose medicine in which also cause death

Passive Euthanasia:
To stop giving any more medical help.

As what happened to my kitten, i would say it is under Passive Euthanasia. It happens a lot to humans to. I remembered when my late grandmother was sent home, the doctor told my father to spend quality time with her as any minute could be her last.

Islam benarkan ke benda nie??
As summary for hukum Islam:

Active Euthanasia is haram as we should not put an end to anyone's life.
While, Passive Euthanasia is conditional. It counts the practicality and also the doctor's knowledge towards what's best for the patient. Doctors have a huge responsibility as we can see here, they can be either a hero for saving a life or a murderer for taking one's life.

To learn more on hukum Islam towards performing Euthanasia, do visit this link:

“Sesungguhnya Allah Azza Wa Jalla setiap kali menciptakan penyakit, Dia ciptakan pula obatnya. Maka berobatlah kalian!” (HR Ahmad, dari Anas RA)

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