Sunday, April 26, 2009

Token of Appreciation for my Cookies

"We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet along the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don't overlook it"

I've always wanted to list down the people that have been very supportive and helpful towards me in my struggles of performing well in studies here in UiTM. Every since i came to join LG220, i am never less satisfied with the friends and classmates here, every each one of them have been very supportive, loving and caring. I will never ask for more. this post is dedicated to all my Knights and Cheerleaders as a token of appreciation towards their sincere sacrifices and undivided support. THANKS, MUFFINS of LGB2B!!!

Fatengg - what can i say about this sugar.. if there is any bigger word than "Thank You" i would surely give it to you. you've been a wonderful roommate of one whole year here in Puncak (adding another year as housemate, gud luck wit that). You have done one hell of a job putting up with my mood swings and medical troubles. I know that you are tired of being kaunter pertanyaan when i am absent, being a walking reminder kepada org pelupa ini, tired of hearing all my complaints of back pain but stil berdegil minum nescafe.. hehe.. every bit of the good things u did have a very special place in my heart and i want to thank you for being such a caring friend. And i also want to apologise for the imperfections i have in my attitudes, and manners, if any of it hurts u by heart, i'm deeply sorry. i'm grateful to know u...thanks for everything.

Nana Jingga- urrmmmm... this girl right here have been constantly patient with my temper and harsh critics. I'm thankful to have u as my partner through out this Sem, (n we are thinking of sambung contract for next Sem hehe). I feel very comfortable working with u and i'm quite surprised by how u put up with my unplanned schedules. At first, i donno if we could clique with each other since i hardly spoken to u during our TESL days up until our first Sem here. Lucikily everything went well, our style of learning matched, and i really2 enjoy working with u, rakan sewel yang selalu lapar..hehehe.. seriously, i had soo much fun.. thanX nana hamster for being such an understanding partner.

Jeep Ali - U n me have a very weird connection. i know u know wat i mean. huhu. Well, we have gone through a lot together, not everybody knows that. we shared a lot of things and i must say, u are one of the best persons i met so far. I'm sorry that i have not been a great friend but i want u to know, i deeply care for u. thank you jeep, thank u so much...

Mushok Jaja - Dear, among all my friends, i like to think that u r the most manja and demanding one. haha. i feel that i care for you so deeply that sometimes i risau tgk u. if u r hurt or u r in trouble, i like to think how to help you or at least to be there for u. u've been a very loving friend and i wish you only the best things in life. kalau ade ape2, u know i'm always here for u. to Megat Mahathir (btul ke name die? hihi), take good care of her, kalau tak...haiyakkkk!

Ina Director Bertauliah - haihh... sampai budak ni punya turn je, kepala i dah pening.. haha.. Ina, thanks for being such an entertaining friend..hak3 its fun to have u around, thank u for putting up with myself. i tau u sayang i, so x yah malu2 nak admit..hahaha.. jage fakhrul lelok!

Ida innocent - thanx idot for the giving me the opportunity to be the MC for English week.. dalam byk2 orang, u have been constantly giving me great opportunities to shine. thank u for always believing in me. muahx!

Kak Sha - Thanx for giving me tips on dating.hahaha... kantoi mintak tips..hik2. and also thank you for giving me last minute briefing on japanese vocabs 3 minutes before the test started..hihi..

Ema - u ni pelik skit.. tapi baik la jugak..hehehe.. thanx for the other day yang u tolong i tape kan Project paper i yang terbarai tu.. thank u!!!

Kak Wan - this kakak rite here is very the gila one. sangat supporting dan kelakar. thanx kak wan for everything, best gile dapat duk belakang die, ade je benda jadi bahan..hehehe and sorry for filling ur photo files with my self-portraits. nanti rindu2, bawak la tidor.. XD

Quelen - chinta hati saya. hehe. thanx kak quelen for trusting me with ur personal stories. u've been a very intersting fren. sorry for always baring at ur katil. hak3

Kak Marina kekasih Lama - i dunno whether i should love ur accent or i should hate it.. but i kind of like it lohh. very american. hehe.. tapi cara jalan memang tak bleh blaa.. gedik gile.. hadoi.. thanx for being the coolest backbenches gang. it's been fun knowing u!

Kak Honey- this kakak is the penyunting rasa kasih sayang. haha. she's engaged to a lucky guy and budak2 prempuan seangkatan dengan me sgt kagum dengan cicin di jarinya.. hehehe.. well, wish u a happy life, and plzzzzz pray for mine..hehe

Kak Dahlia Mata berwarna - hai kakak, thank u for ur japanese lessons, and thank u for doing it for free..pahala eyh!! hahaha

Loq - urmm.. i thank u for trusting me with ur personal problems, i know i havent been much of a help but i'm all ears. it's been fun working with u, sgt enthusiastic. If any reason that u decide to go, i'll surely going to miss u. some people might see u differently but i have to say, u are one of the best guy friends i had so far. thanks mate, and dont forget to finish our Aussie proposal before u go eh!

Wan Sexy - hahahahahahahaha... thanks for being very open. tapi jgn la open sangat, takowt i. hehe. wish u all hapiness of life and urm, dont do jokes about syurga with other girls taw, takot depa kecik ati plak. dengan i takpe. see u di tempat biase pada waktu yg same yuh! hik3

Ery Adikku - we shared a lot haven't we? i'm glad that u chose me among others to share ur personal stuffs. thank u for ur trust. i care for u very deeply and the last thing i want to see is u getting hurt. u have lots of good qualities so dont rush things k, open up ur mind and ur heart and let oppurtunities come your way. take care of urself.

Meen Ayob - Sorry to bother u so suddenly with my personal things. i chose u among the other guys because u are very experienced in handling such hearty problem. u are like a brother to me and trust me, that 3 hours counseling session we had have been a huge help. i see things differently now and u tot me to give a second chance in which i hardly ever do to people...thanks to you botak guy!

BosS - Mohd Aizat, u've been the coolest boss ever! keja 24/7 tanpa gaji, mmg bagusss..hihi.. i thank u for trusting me with ur personal stories and how i wish 'they' could see the real u because i found so many charming and loving values in you. if they see that, sure meleleh punya..hehe.. sorry tak sempat borak banyak lately because of final papers, but anyhow, i'm just a text away if u have any kind of disturbing matters that u wish to share. take care taw, take it slow, we have the whole life to spend..

Sein - jaga jeep lelok, i wish only the best for both of u. n urm, thank u for being such a caring friend. n for print kan my assignments yg di email at the mid of the nite. thank u thank u!! ow yuh, thank u coz bagi smangat kat i mase i down aritu.. really appreciate it.

Coozy Woozy - Babe, like i said, u r a big guy with a big heart. thank u for sitting next to me in last semester's class. u've been patient with my attitude as well. sometimes i made harsh comments tapi u telan je. i'm sorry for that. u've been a wonderful fun friend, and i'm happy to know u. thanks for giving me moral support in searching for boyfriend. hehehehe.. to Lina, u better take good care of him yuh!

Special thanks to my two lolipops..

Sinah n Kak ita - thank uuuuuuuu!!!!!!! thanks for everything, especially towards the end of semester when u gurls help me with last minute revision. it helps a lot! thank u for being the nicest housemates ever! n thank u for putting up with my mood swings. thank u for the milo, hup seng and air kosong. thank u!!!! luff2!

there u go, a list of thank you cards sincerely from my heart to yours..

thanx darlings.. for everything.. may Allah repay ur good deeds and bless u with a happy life a head...mmmmmmuuuuaaaahhhhxxxx!!!!


Igniz said...

eh, nama saya xde ke, cik aimooo?:(
bukan ke sy slalu bagi 'kritik2' yg membina?heeheeeheeee...XD

anyway, nanti bila da senang, jgn la lupakan mereka2 yg disebut itu...jgn jadi si tenggang:)

Anonymous said...

uwaaa...nm ku tertera disini..

CooZy said...

Aimi, I'm so honoured!


You've been a fantastic friend, even though the things you say sometimes can be how you say "berbisa".

But still, you rock.


jaja aisyah said...

i love u masham!mwa mwa!yea nnti klw megat bwt ape2 kt i u karate dia eyh??hehehehe..;D

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