Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guy Friends~

i was browsing through my desktop and looking for unwanted files to be deleted,
and i found this picture of me n my TESL fwen, Asyraff..

its been a while since i last see him but i'm telling u,
he is one of the most sweetest guy i ever known,
he is the kind of guy who pull chairs and give seats for the ladies
he speaks politely all the time and he makes the girls feel like princesses without even trying..
he is one of those guys with good qualities and about to be extinct from the earth surface..
and the best part is~ he is blessed with near-to-perfect features..

ok, enough of that, its not good to talk about sum gurl's boyfriend like that huh?
well, here's the point-
Guys can make a very good friend but SOMETIMES a bad boyfriend..
(not referring to Encik Asyraff ok! i'm sure his a good BF to his GF)
i'm not gonna touch on the "SOMETIMES a bad boyfriend" part,
this post is about me liking the companionship of guy friends..

for me, it is a lot easier to deal with guys as compared to girls.
they are less judgmental and less emotional..
i'm the type of girl who is not pretentious, people who know me might know that,
i express myself a lot, how i feel inside comes right out to my face .
if i dont like something, u would obviously notice it by the way i react to the matter,
by word or by expression..
some can handle it some might just say "i dont like her, she's like a laser beam"

with my guy friends, i'm allowed to express myself more as compared to my girl friends..
i'm allowed to say the things i wanted to say and they dont just walk away after they heard unpleasant comments from me.
if they are not satisfied with the things they hear, they would just say it out
"look, aimi, i know that u dont mean bad by saying that but it cuts me deep, girl"

but if its with girls, they might not say anything infront of u but they would go back to their rooms and call up a secret meeting and say
"She's a heartless *ehem* n i hate her every bit"
the thing is- they just cant handle the truth!
if ur work is a trash i'd say "its a trash and i know u r better than this"
i wont lie and let u find out from other people about the real thing.
friends dont do that, my dear.

but what ever it is, i love hanging out with guys.
i love to be the shoulder for them to cry on becoz usually, they appreciate my advices.

and one more thing about guys is that,
if you need their help, they will come running!
*gosh, i love them for that*
in my TESL days up until now,
my guy friends never disappoint me in the times of need.
they are always there.
(pasal groupwork, kadang2 tercekik jugak la, but they'll find a way to redeem themselves, kena banyak bersabar..huhu)

let me make it clear,
i have nothing against girl friends, i never do.
i love to have them too.
their support meant so much for me.
especially my best girl friend- Fee.

but what ever it is,
I, Aimi Ibrahim, hereby, bowing and
thanking all my guy friends who have been there
for me regardless of time,
thanking all the love and care u have given,
and urm..
i'm blessed to have all of u by my side..
love yuh muffins!!


Igniz said...

heh heh heh...:P

Anonymous said...

aaa..rindu acap damn much!

aiMo0o said...

wats with the "heh heh heh"??
sumting fishy la abg ijan neh..
*raising one eyebrow and tapping fingers"..hmm??

i pown windu same itu mamat puuink!

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