Sunday, April 12, 2009

CupCake & Its Unfortunate Event~

It started like this..
me n nana hamster~my life-project-partner,
planned to finish our project work after Mdm Doreen's class in menara,
but before dat she said she needed to do sum payments for her phone in SACC mall.
then i tot, "ok jugak la, bleh lunch skalik, coz my tummy was oredy singing
'cooky jar' song-loudly!"

as we were entering the SACC's sliding door, there was a very
attractive-handsome-ground breaking-earth shaking advertisment on

so after nana made her payment, we went to the ground floor,
hoping for cupcakes...

we were like sniffing around for that lil devils..
then we saw a pink stall with cupcakes posters all around it..
we smiled from ear to ear..wohoo!

there were photographers and sum Datin-looking ladies standing infront of the shop,
then the owner came up to the guests,
(i assume dat she's the owner bcoz she smells like cupcakes xD)
she was giving out cute buttons with cupcake pictures on it..
me n nana were like "we are soo gonna get those buttons!!"- but no, we didnt! damn..
the distribution of the button stopped rite before our turn.. cis bedebah!!
thats frustration number 1..strike 1!

"we r not open yet dear, we'll be launching at 4"
strike 2!
haihh.. we were like- lambat lagi lah, project paper tak gerak lagi..hmm

with super duper sour face
we left the building and
went off to intec library to finish up the project~ DR azni's to be specific..

after 4 hours freezing in the PhD room (x maen la bilik biase)..
i couldnt take cupcakes out of my mind and it is like a motivation to finish up my work faster so that i could go back to SACC n grab a bunch of those seductive devils!

me n nana were compiling papers n cracking brains for the project..
i look at the clock~ aiyak! its eight oredy, jum nana, we have to take off now!
n so we did.. jonet was going on 100kmh, he's my stallion baby!!

(to abg ijan-
i noe i promise not to hurt Jonet,
but i did drive slowly-
it didt reach 120kmh aite?? shhh... =P)

As soon as Jonet made his lap into the parking lot,
we immediately jumped out of the car
(not actually 'jumped out' but it sounds more dramatic..)

me n nana went to tittot sum money at the nearest ATM
and then we slide down the escalator
(not actually 'slide' lah, but u get my point kan?)
our head wasnt thinking of anything else but those
creamy devils!!

we reached the ground floor and excitedly run towards the shop
(not actually 'run', but watever..)
hand in hand we arrived in heaven!!
(am i too dramatic ere?)

but u know what we found next?
the ultimate ONE word that murdered us in cold blood


strike 3!


noidentity said...


padan muka tu la padahnya meninggalkan roommate sniri!!!

knpa xgtau i haa??? pukul 5 i ade kat pkns lagi...

Igniz said...

one word only...

"wahkahkahkahkahkah..hakhakhakhak...!!!exactly like ur story 'jumped out but not really jumped out', slide but not really slide' for dramatic purposes..cupcakes but not really cupcakes!XD"

one word but not really one word...hakhakhak...jgn mawah eh...chuba lagi tahun dephan..XD

aiMo0o said...

abg ijaann!!!! kejam aar! sedey taw mase tuh.. sob3! pnat aimi mendramatik kan crita..huhu

i slalu je kot kena tggal ngan rumate sndiri x ckp ape pown =C..
mane la i tau u ade kat situ lagi, kate pun kluar seperate..aiyak..

noidentity said...

slalu ke kena tgl???

dia yg meninggalkan roommatenya sniri dan membiarkan roommate dia berjalan sniri. huh~

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