Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Married to My Job


It's been awhile.

I am actually waiting for my brother to go on Skype but I guess he's doing something else.

While waiting, I browse through my friends' Facebook profiles and realized that I have missed so many events. Some are getting engaged, some are pregnant, some broke up (ehem), some are doing their master programme and some are.. doing other things. 

Where have I been that I have missed so much?
Oh yes, working... haihh..

I havent been in touch with my close friends anymore and I hardly go to movies or at least watch TV. At some point, I choose to pick up my boss' phone calls rather than my own family's thinking that getting fired is much more painful than hurting the hearts of the ones I love.

But I don't blame my job for all this. I'm the one who is incapable of juggling between work and personal life. I see my colleagues spending time with their friends and families just fine while I choose to reply emails and prepare reports after working hours.

Though I'm young and shouldn't be babbling about having too much work at this age, I must remember that any day can be my last one, and I should at least try to live the best of each day.

Good night everyone.

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