Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 24- A letter to my parents

Hello Potato Chips...

I took the longest time to write this challenge haven't I?
Well, I've been busy supporting my brother with his trip to California. Been shopping almost everyday. Sighh. Anyway, today's challenge is for me to post a letter to my parents.

First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah for still having my parents around. And I pray to God that they will stay healthy and blessed. Amin..

To my father,

Thank you for spoiling me with everything- the car, the phone, the house, the food, the clothes, the shoes, the bags...... *the list goes on* hehe. I appreciate it every bit. There's no other person on earth that can spoil me as much as you do. hehe.

I know that most of the time we 'berlaga angin', I guess its because we are alike. I inherit your temper, that's for sure. Being hard headed is not my fault, u gave me that. haha.

The best thing about you is that you always back me up. No matter how deep is the shit that I've got myself into, you'll be there to save me.

You are always the fun one.
THANK YOU ABAH!! I love u damn much!

To my mother,

............... *all teary*........
huhu. You are the best mom anyone could have. Lembut umi dalam menegur aimi Allah saja yg tahu. Sabar nya umi layan aimi. kadang2 aimi sendiri tak tahan dengan sikap aimi. *weird but true*

You are my best friend. Always understand me better than others. I can talk to you about anything really. I'm blessed. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for giving me the best in life. Thank you for giving me love. I will never ask for a better mom coz you are the greatest!

Yours truly,


Day 24- Done done doneeeee


Ninie said... my abah too!!! Wish to have written the same letter..huhu.

alia kamal said...

wah..kamu buat saya nanges ni..

yah, i think my letter would carry the exact msgs as yours.

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