Sunday, September 28, 2008

KaiN Pelikat & itS cHarM....

KAIN PELIKAT & its charm..

WELL, Aimi Ibrahim is here, to babble about the sexiness of wearing KAIN PELIKAT
(yup, it is sexy).

I’ve told some of my close friends that one of the things I have in my perfect-husband-to-be list is for him to wear KAIN PELIKAT. My number one reason to put this criterion is because I love kampong touches. I admire the MELAYUNESS of wearing Kain Pelikat.

Now days, some of the boys prefer to wear shorts as compared to Kain Pelikat. It is not that it is a compulsory thing for me, but at least he know what it is, how to wear it, and wear it in the minimum number of once a week (to the Solat Jumaat or what not). Some might consider it as an orthodoxy thing, but for me, it is the act of embracement towards our Malay culture.

I’ve done some researches on my boy friends (as in not the special ones) and I have asked them if they wear Kain Pelikat at home. I can say 70% of them give me the look of “What the F are you talking about? It is the time of Justin Timberlake, not Hang Tuah”. It dose put me in the mist of confusion.

Is it so awkward for modern men to admit that he is a Malaysian, ORANG MELAYU? It is difficult to find a true MELAYU-Husband in these present days. I don’t mean the checkers-playing-talking-nonsense-at-kedai-kopi-kind of thing, but a modern MELAYU, a Malay man that listens to Timberland with their Kain Pelikat on. Now that is Sexy. Wink.

For me, Kain Pelikat has its own appeal, magnetism and attractiveness. Ok, I might put it in a (too) flowery tone but that is how I see it.

If you put your eyes at work on Fridays, you may see some of the guys going to the mosque wearing all sorts of Baju Melayu, (it is either a full Baju Melayu, or with jeans or with Kain Pelikat)- my eyes would be locked on guys with Kain Pelikat (ofcourse) but sadly, they are middle-age (rs). Waa!! It is hard to be me…I was born to be very picky, I mean VERY! Help me guys- wear more KAIN PELIKAT! Please…

Kain Pelikat is not all there is to it, but it is a plus point. There are other things- like personalities, sense of humors, smartness, looks, leadership, sensitivity, responsibility, fashion sense, green awareness etc.

But still, from my head turning-hazel eyes (haha!),

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